Whether it is beginners or sports enthusiasts, our highend X300A arc step traineruses a spontaneous reluctance motor, and the size ofthe step can be adjusted to make the movement faster, safer, and more effective. According to foreign authoritative fitness institutions, itburns up to 16 % more calories than competitors such as elliptical machines or crosstraining machines. The knee pressure decreased by 83 %.Muscle endurance increased by 38 %. In addition, it can also significantly enhance strength training, cardiovascular health improvement This device is designed for lower extremities, upper extremities training and fullbody climbing exercise.

The display program setting provides the user with a convenient control center that can set up an exercise plan. An independent controlcenter, free to choose the exercise program. Members can easily set up exercise programs to charge the iPad or iPhone.

Our highend arc training equipment is solid and reliable, with low maintenance costs.After testing and verification of the threeinone machinery, to practical and simple design,showing our highquality sports structure performance and health advantages. This highend arc training device is designed specifically for users and environments that value health over vanity. Our device offers complete options for weight loss, strength,and caloric exercise.Therefore, with a machine can meet the different needs of beginners and advanced athletes, so that you can easily enjoy health.

Our equipment is perfect for these exercise areas such as hotels, corporate fitness centers and families. The device offers a wider range of slopes and resistance, and it is no exaggeration to say that it has the function of having three devices in one device.Taxing like crosscountry skiing at low slope levels; A stepwise movement like an ellipsoidal machine at a medium slope level; At a high slope level, crawling like a stair. At any level of slope, the same traditional calorie consumption and safety are transmitted.

Product Size: (Long * Wide * High) 1765*970*1650mm

Product Name: X300A Arc Trainer(3 in 1 function)

Resistance Value: 900W 180rpm

Slope Section: 20

Step Length: 61cm

Maximum Loading Weight: 150KG

Power Supply: Self-generating

Program: Manual mode + Automatic mode

USB: Cell Phone Charging Function

Heart Rate: contact type.

Function: Elliptical, Skiing, Climbin



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