Exercise Bike

The pedal installation adopts Mohs taper, which is more closely coordinated and not easily damaged;

Drive multiwedge belt scheme;

AIl use 19.5 kilograms ( 43 pounds ) of peripheral plus heavy flywheels. Add flywheel the weight of theperiphery can increase the inertia and help the bicycle to achieve smooth and smooth exercise ,offering outdoorrides closer to any other fitness car experience;

Aerodynamics and circular design, conducive to perspiration, and easy to clear cleansing and maintenance.All aluminum adjustable extenders and stamped post stabilizers the parts that need most rust protection will not rust;

Oversized steel frame, better overall corrosion resistance, appearance and stiffness obtained promotion;Equipped with front and rear handle adjustment and stronger anticorrosion aluminum stabilizer.

Device size and weight:

Length + width + height: 1330*525*1220mm

Weight: 63 KG


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