Pedal installation using.Msing Mohs taper,weth more closely,not easy to be damaged;

Drive Mode Multiwedge Belt Scheme;

All use 19.5kg(43lb)external heavier flywheel; Increasing the weight of the flywheel outer ring increases the inertia, helps the bicycle to achieve a smooth movement,providing an experience that is closer to outdoor cycling than any other exercise biker;

Aerodynamics and round design is conducive to perspiration,and easy to clean and maintain. AlI the aluminum a djustable parts and the post-stabilizer can ensure rust-proof parts;

Large size steel frame is better to make sure the overall corrosion resistance ,appearance and stiffness can be improved;it with front,rear handle adjustment and corrosion resistance of the aluminum stabilizer.

Device size and weight:

Long + width + height: 1310*535*1275mm

Weight: 61 KG



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