2 IN 1 Function Rowing Machine
The rowing machine is a surface resistance, friendly to the heavy and injured, and can burn fat
efficiently In the process of exercising, it will not cause damage to the body due to the influence of
weight.The fat loss exercise is extremely high, and one action can mobilize more than 80% of the
potential of the whole body

This rowing machine has the dual functions of wind resistance and magnetic resistance in one
The wind resistance rowing function mainly depends on the combination of the blades and the
tuyere. When the blades rotate, the air is squeezed to produce resistance. When the tuyere is small,
the air inside cannot be discharged, and the resistance naturally increases.

The magnetoresistive rowing function uses a magnetic field as a medium, and uses a metal flywheel
and a magnet to generate resistance, which is more convenient to adjust the resistance.And because
the magnetron does not generate friction, it is ultra-quiet.

Feel: more even and smooth resistance
Appearance: full of metallic
Storage: Relatively more space
Resistance size: multi-speed adjustable resistance
Maintenance: easy maintenance, anti-build
Size: 2405*625*1145mm
Wind resistance gear: 1-10 gears
Magnetic resistance gear: 1-8 gear
Type: Detachable
Maximum load: 150kg



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