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1) Materials Used

Steel Tube Q235, 60*120*3mm oval tube

Pulley Cast iron, ø106x20mm, with sealed bearing 6202RS

Cable Steel cable ø3.5 jacketed with PVC ø5.5mm outside diameter

Powder Coating 2 rounds (silver/black/dark grey + varnish)

Weight stack made of cast iron

Stuffing PU foam with synthetic leather

Tube 1 Oval Elliptical tube, 60*120mm T.: 3mm

Tube 2 Round tube, Dia 90mm T.: 3.0mm

2)Technical Specs

Name X005 skiing machine

Length(mm) 1300

Width(mm) 600

Height(mm) 2140

Machine Weight(Kg) 38

Stack Weight(kg) A/N

Frame Color Black/Silver/Grey

Upholstery Colours Bordeaux, red, brilliant green, black, light brown, brilliant blue, aviation blue


1.Incorporates a support pad to ensure correct position of the knee.

2.Seat position can be adjust to the sitting position

3.Button adjust the lever to select the start angle Rear Delt/Pec Fly

4.Biomerchanically design for optimal performance


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