Commercial Treadmill

1. MND – X500A/B adopts new design idea of North America, which makes X500A/B more

succinct,massive and steady.The perfect combination of several advanced technology highlights noble

and luxury.X500-A is a button version

2. The new frame design makes the center console extremely stable,Providing a stable& reliable

experience and quiet & comfortable use for exercise.

3. The emergency brake switch is equipped with a safety clip and a lanyard to stop the treadmill when

the power is turned off. The lanyard andthesafety clip can be attached to a protruding portion located

at the lower portion of the front end of the armrest, which is very convenient for the exerciser to


4. Two bottle cages will accommodate the exerciser s mobile phone in place and keep it in the center

of the front, leaving enough room for keys, membership cards,etc.

5. The new and improved progressive damping system absorbs highimpact motion and supports stable

and controllable depressions.

6. Decline and Incline support -3% to +15%,capable of simulating various terrains;speed

1-20KM/h to meet various needs of customers.

7. Specialized 9 automatic training modes;

8. The motor uses continuous power 3HP high-power motors(220V,60HZ,9.8A) to easily drive a

variety of different loads.

9. Running belt size 3325* 558mm(effective use size 1420*558mm)

10.Product Dimensions:2125*890*1730mm(length*width*height)

11.Net weight 158kg.gross weight 180kg

12.Maximum load:200kg

Available Color- black,white,silver


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