Natural, low-impact stride exercise and proven reliability benefit you from every workout, while allowing you to enjoy consistent reliability and superior performance. The X510 elliptical training machine

provides you with a cushioning exercise experience that matches the natural movements of the body and allows you to benefit more from your fitness.

The natural gait slope is adjustable, and the user can adjust the slope at a rangeof 10° -35° ,and conduct independent or crosstraining for specific muscle groups in the lower body to easily achieve the

exercise goal.

The new adjustable gradient design of natural gait can better simulate the natural gait movement path during walking and running.

Easy to maintain, X510 is easy to clean and maintain, inheriting consistent reliability and thoughtful service.

In order to extend the service life of the active state indicator, the equipment is equipped with an external state indicator. With this indicator light, you and your staff can see clearly the operating status of

the lliptical trainer and know when the equipment should be maintained.



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