Commercial Treadmill
1. This product absorbs foreign high- end design inspiration, the overall shape is beautiful, subversive column design combined with the
most popular creative elements, instantly highlights the treadmil’s dignity and luxury.
2. The design of center console supported by ultra-wide aluminium alloy column provides a stable and reliable working platform for
3. The emergency brake switch is equipped with a safety clip and a tether, which is located in a prominent position below the front end
of the armrest for easy use by the operator. It is safe and reliable to stop operation immediately when emergency power failure occurs.
The heart rate monitoring device designed on the handle can detect the user’s heart rate in real time and feedback the user’s ideal heart
rate state in time
4. The design of the kettle rack on the left side of the central console is divided into two parts. It can not only place round kettles to
facilitate users to replenish water in time, but also place keys, membership cards and other small items for easy access. The long storage
tank designed in the middle position can hold mobile phones, tablets and other items, while doing sports while chasing dramas, sports
and entertainment are both going on. On the right side of the slot, a wireless charging function is designed, which eliminates the user’s
charging worries. At the same time, the instrument table has designed a fast direct selection button, whichfacilitates users to choose
slope and speed quickly, and brings users different experience.
5. Unique fan design under the display screen, using automobile -grade drum fan, large volume of wind, gentle wind, one-button switch,
so that users can experience the pleasure of spring breeze while running.
6. The runway adopts a high elastic silica gel shock absorber system, a new design concept, with a widened runway structure, so that the
athletes can reduce knee injury in the intense sports environment.
Running area: 1630×600 mm.
7. Innovative -3 degree gradient design brings a brand-new experience of gradient selection, users can choose more modes.
Running speed: 1-20 km/h.
8. The machine routinely sets nine automatic training modes and easy to operate, providing users with different requirements with a
variety of choices.
9. The motor uses 3HP high-power motor, a real high-end commercial treadmill, easy to load users of different weights.
10. Product Dimensions: 2320*965*1695mm (LxWxH)
11. Net weight: 201 kg, gross weight: 223 kg
12. Maximum load: 200 kg

Model Number X600A / X600B
Screen Type LCD/LED Screen
Width Over 50cm (including)
Gender Unisex
Foldable No
Applications Commercial
Heart Rate Test Handheld
Function Speed adjustment
Driving Type Electric
Material Steel
Motor Low-noise AC motor
Motor power 3.0HP(Max7HP)
Weight 102kg
Speed 1-20km/h
Input voltage 220V/50HZ/8.6A
Warranty 1-5 years
Certification ISO9001 / CE
Available color silver, White,black,Gray,Gold


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