Surfing Machine

1. Improve body balance, coordination and exercise sensation;Improve core strength and stability;

Effectively prevent injuries by improving muscle energy absorption capacity;Under the condition of

maintaining body balance, the lower the center of gravity of improving physical fitness, coordination

and core stability (more functional), the more energy the limbs absorb, the greater the training

intensity;Provide users with shaping training, hip beauty, leg beauty;Increase the impact or stimulation

of muscle tissue caused by gravity or speed.

2. Multi-function display dial, high-definition data display:Control your own sports data at any time,

reasonably customize sports fitness plans, and make scientific fitness more dedicated.

Ideal handrail position:The ergonomic handle position and bending angle allow people of different

bodies to hold it easily. During exercise, the hands and shoulders can extend forward moderately,

making the movement more comfortable, and achieve the effect of hand movement

Adjustable base:Improve the balance, core strength and stability during physical exercise

3. Floor space:2090*1135*1485mm

4. Net weight:225.5KG

5. Function display:time、speed、fitness guide

6. Drive mode: motor drive


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