2 IN 1 Function Crawler Treadmill
1. X700 adopts high-end overall design combined with high-tech concept, which can make users
experience in more aspects. Modes are divided into ① . Quick Start ② . Manual mode ③ . User mode
④ .P program (there are six P modes) ⑤ . Unpowered mode ⑥ . Resistance mode. FuncƟon Display:
lap, slope, time, mode, pulse, calories, distance, speed. It provides a variety of choices for users with
different needs.
2. X700 treadmill adopts crawler running belt, which is formed by advanced composite materials
and incorporated into a soft shock pad to meet the requirements of high service life under strong
load. Weight capacity high shock absorption, reducing resilience while absorbing the impact force of
stepping, which can more effectively reduce the trigger pressure of the knee and protect the knee. At
the same time, this running belt also has no requirements for training shoes, which can be barefoot
and has a long service life.
3. The speed can be adjusted to 1 to 20 gears in normal mode, and the resistance value can be
adjusted from 0 to 10 in resistance mode. Slope lifting support 0 ~ + 15%; 1-20km speed adjustment,
one of the keys of indoor running knee support lies in the angle of treadmill, most people running angle
between 2-5 ° . The slope of a higher angle is conducive to improving exercise efficiency and meeting
various needs of customers.
4. Emergency brake switch is attached with safety latch and rope, which is more convenient to
operate and use.
5. Its materials are solid, max load up to 200kg running without shaking, enjoying the feeling of
smooth running.
6. Adopt vertical screen design to protect spine healthier. There are water bottle cage on the left
and right sides of the screen respectively, which is convenient for users to replenish water and can
also place other portable small objects. Wireless charging set is provided in the middle, eliminating
users’ worries about charging their mobile phones.
7. Equipped with heart rate grip, it can detect user heartbeat in real time.
8. The motor adopts the stable and continuous power output of 3HP high-power motor, which
easily loads users of different weights.
9. Product Specification size: 2065*940*1720mm (length * width * height)
10. Net weight: 233KG
available color: black, White, Silver, Red, Blue


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